About using a Life Thread Path.

Why you should use it.
How it works.

What is a Life Thread Path?
Example of part of a Life Thread Path. As used by a Home Repair business.
Focused communications for startups or existing businesses
Example of part of a Life Thread Path. As used by a Healthcare business.
Great for when you have to start on a blank page. Yet again…
See the big picture and plan ahead as you get new ideas. Even if your content is not ready yet.
Let your clients find what they need to know. Fast! Then let them explore further at their leisure.
Not a communications specialist? No problem. Get an easier way to convert your unique business situation to communication priorities
Easy-to-understand guidelines for communication opportunities
Easy-to-use but powerful algorithm. The power of over 1,200 strategies being considered for you in an instant. Right at your fingertips.
It can be difficult to take that first step. Build trust to make it easy for clients to do business with you
Access The Brand Trust Builder at no additional charge
Show unique value that will be appreciated. So that you’re valued and different from your competitors
Access The Value Story Builder at no additional charge
Change your mind often if necessary. Sort in the order you prefer as your needs change.
You get to say a lot. Up to 30 links in each path. Add or remove as you wish.
You’re ready now. Don’t give away business to your competitors
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